Post-Appointment Feedback

The Post-Appointment Feedback survey is a valuable tool for gathering information from your patients regarding their experience in your office. If you have a Healthgrades Enhanced Profile through Sesame, the results of these surveys are automatically published on your Healthgrades page.

The first nine questions of your survey cannot be edited, and are in a 5-star rating format. This means the results are standardized for compatibility with Healthgrades. You can, however, add up to five additional, custom questions to your survey, and give your patients the option to provide written responses.

Check out the Feedback section of the Editing Patient Pages page for more information about adding custom questions to your surveys.

Survey Results

To view all Survey results, go to Patients > Reviews. By default this page will display an aggregate of all survey results from the last 30 days. You can use the drop-down menu to view a different period of time. Click the blue "View Surveys" button to see a list of patients who completed reviews. You can then click on the individual patient's name to view their responses.

To receive a notification email when a Survey is received, go to Settings (wrench) > Notifications. There is a field for Surveys in particular. You may add multiple email addresses here, just make sure to add a comma between each email address. If there is no email address listed here, we will send the notification to the email address listed under "Default Notification Email/s". 

Note: You will be notified separately by Google about reviews patients submit on your business page as described here:

Delivery Schedule

At the bottom of the page you will find the Delivery Schedule options for the Post-Appointment Feedback survey. Using the drop-down menus, you can choose how soon after an appointment your patients will be sent the survey, and the minimum amount of time that must pass before a patient will receive another survey.

Smart Feedback

Smart Feedback Autofill:

SMS Review Autofill.png

When you select the Smart Feedback Autofill, your post-appointment feedback email will include a dynamic element showing two buttons. These represent a Yes or a No question that you add before the Smart Feedback Element. A good question to use is: “Based on your experience with us during your visit, would you recommend us to a friend or a family member?” We found that this process increases the likelihood of the patient successfully leaving a review.

SMS Review Email.png

If the patient has a Gmail email address and you have the Office Review field populated, the patient will be taken to the Google review link there to leave a review. Otherwise, the patient will be able to submit an internal survey. If you have an Enhanced Healthgrades profile, this rating will populate into your Healthgrades rating.

Note that we do not filter out or redirect reviews based on the type of feedback the patient has for you. This ensures the authenticity of patient reviews and helps build a lasting reputation online that is truly reflective of your quality of service.

Note: If you want to enable redirection of reviews for patients with gmail address make sure to set the “Office Reviews” field to the correct Google location as described here (Use the "Create a link using the PlaceID Lookup Tool" instructions) : 
This setting is found under General Settings > Manage Office Locations

Healthgrades Enhanced Profile

If you have a Healthgrades Enhanced Profile, the results of your survey are automatically published in your profile for others to see. Once your profile is “live” with Healthgrades, new survey results typically appear within 48 hours after your patients submit them.

Please note that only the results from the first nine questions will appear in your Enhanced Profile with Healthgrades. Any custom questions you have included in your survey will be for your internal review only.

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